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Authentic Greek Cuisine

We use only fresh ingredients and everything is prepared on our premises

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In Greek society there are a number of different establishments that in effect serve the same purpose, to feed people.

An estiatorio is a restaurant that serves cooked foods from the oven called magirefta but it can also have grilled to order foods called tis oras, and even fish, as well as appetizers (mezedes), and salads. A psistaria is a grill house where you get spit-roast lamb, steaks, kokoretsi, grilled or rotisserie chicken as well as salads and appetizers. A taverna usually has a smaller menu and specializes in something and is mostly for nighttime, long meals, lots of wine and conversation. Grilled meats like paidakia, appetizers, and a few oven cooked dishes. There are psaro-tavernas (fish tavernas) where you will have a choice of fresh fish sold by the kilo or order, lots of appetizers, and even some meat and vegetable dishes.

Ouzerie and mezedopolia specialize in smaller dishes which you eat as an accompanyment to a drink called ouzo, though they serve wine and beer too. A Tsipuradiko is an ouzerie which specializes in Tsipuro, it is like ouzo without the anise flavor. Usually you can tell a traditional ouzerie by the tables and chairs. The tables will be smaller and the chairs will be made of wood. Many of the places have a unique personality and a decor you won’t find anywhere else.

A kafeneo, is a coffee shops which also may have ouzo and mezedes though they have a limited menu and often bring you whatever they have that day. Last but not least are the souvlaki shops which serve gyro and kebabs. But that does not mean that Greeks don’t eat there too and sometimes the best meal can be a souvlaki, french fries and a beer.


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